Tag: Web Development

June 14 2014

Everyone programmer needs a Text Editor – quick and responsive one. I usually prefer Notepad++ or something similar (notepad – like thats an option?). Recently I’ve started to utilize Sublime 2 on my own environments…Its quickly becoming my most used text editor especially when configured properly. Why? Well, its got basic programming scripts built into […]

June 14 2014

I’m writing this blog post in regards to my latest one – why? Well, I installed WordPress on my VPS (here) and now I’ve associated Google Analytics and Google / Yahoo & Bing WebMaster portals with the domains (more to come on these…) As a side, you’ll probably or have already figured out that I’m […]

June 13 2014

In my best attempts to completely understand WordPress in its entirety, I must post this because I’ve been constantly dealing with Google Web Master tools errors. This post in itself is just a constant reminder for myself as a knowledge seeker / new kid on the block that WordPress at times is just not self-explanatory […]

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