June 17 2014

Everyone has to install WordPress at some point in there lives, especially if you call yourself a system admin or even a web-master. I think it starts with understanding the basic Linux distro that you are using. I usually stick with the basic’s Linux Mint, Ubuntu LTS and CentOS. As I spin up need instances […]

June 15 2014

You’ve already probably heard of MySQL but now you should heard about MariaDB. MariaDB is better all around for database performance, optimization, and well heck – they have better developers. Why should you use Maria instead of MySQL? Why wouldn’t you? I would say do a load test on Maria / MySQL comparing how the […]

June 15 2014

One issue that I had while learning Ruby on Rails was how to install and attempt to configure it. There are too many programming blogs, too many smart guys out there that just didn’t get the bare essentials. How do you install it and make sure that its running properly? I went out to several […]

June 14 2014

I’m writing this blog post in regards to my latest one – why? Well, I installed WordPress on my VPS (here) and now I’ve associated Google Analytics and Google / Yahoo & Bing WebMaster portals with the domains (more to come on these…) As a side, you’ll probably or have already figured out that I’m […]

June 13 2014

In my best attempts to completely understand WordPress in its entirety, I must post this because I’ve been constantly dealing with Google Web Master tools errors. This post in itself is just a constant reminder for myself as a knowledge seeker / new kid on the block that WordPress at times is just not self-explanatory […]