Why would you extract contacts?

So we’ve all had those random thoughts, what if I could extract my contacts from LinkedIn and email them or get in touch and tell them about my product, new business, fancy skill or to rekindle old relationships…all without using the LinkedIn platform. Well, here I am, and I’ll tell you exactly how to do that. Extract your contacts from LinkedIn with a quick guide and then its up to you to do as you will with that information — the beauty of it, you own this information. So go ahead and follow the steps below and get your data!

Where do we start extracting the contacts?

First and foremost you must go to the following link:

1) Copy and paste this: https://www.linkedin.com/people/captcha-submit or click here to quickly jump to the LinkedIn Contact Extraction Page.

2) Upon clicking the URL; you’ll be presented with a few options and possibilities. These options present different ways for you to see and interact with this data. You have the ability to extract the data in the following consumable formats:

  1. Microsoft Outlook
  2. Outlook Express
  3. Yahoo! Mail
  4. Mac OS X Address Book

linkedin-contact-screen3) Selecting any one of them will get you the desired result — your contacts. I personally prefer the Microsoft Outlook format as this will return all my LinkedIn contacts in a CSV file. If you don’t know what CSV files are, you can quickly learn about them here — https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Comma-separated_values — the simple answer is that it will return your LinkedIn contacts in a comma separated value file…meaning all the fields returned will be comma delimited and appropriately formatted with line endings.

Here are the fields that you’ll receive from your extract (yes, I know lots of them):

Title First Name Middle Name Last Name Suffix E-mail Address E-mail 2 Address E-mail 3 Address Business Street Business Street 2 Business Street 3 Business City Business State Business Postal Code Business Country Home Street Home Street 2 Home Street 3 Home City Home State Home Postal Code Home Country Other Street Other Street 2 Other Street 3 Other City Other State Other Postal Code Other Country Company Department Job Title Assistant’s Phone Business Fax Business Phone Business Phone 2 Callback Car Phone Company Main Phone Home Fax Home Phone Home Phone 2 ISDN Mobile Phone Other Fax Other Phone Pager Primary Phone Radio Phone TTY/TDD Phone Telex Assistant’s Name Birthday Manager’s Name Notes Other Address PO Box Spouse Web Page Personal Web Page

Next steps?

Take this data and run!? Just kidding, lets be smart with it.

  1. Send email campaigns announcing a specific product, role, business, and/or event(s)
  2. Quickly sort based on Company and role within a company for all your contacts
    1. This can be used to glean information and/or ask questions or surveys
    2. Figure out common companies and/or titles individuals have — targeting specific industries
    3. Ask for reviews and other information about a potential role at a given company
  3. Export data and import into a CRM (Customer Relationship System)
    1. Pivot and do some other crazy stuff…
    2. You can easily use the company info to get some cool geo-contextual information — which you can target and/or track people by
  4. Retargeting and/or marketing collateral
    1. With the use of different advertising frameworks, you can easily import the associate email addresses and serve ad’s to individuals — imagine pursuing a company and thus you retarget your content and/or messaging to fit the needs of that company; personalized messaging and advertisements
  5. What else…the world is your oyster, if you have any questions or want to chat about advertising, marketing, and how to extract other cool information — lets chat.

Thats all folks!