So I’ve recently completely remodeled my website, blog, and the content thats present. What do I plan to do with it – try to impress myself…

I’ve switched over to Digital Ocean for Virtual Private Server hosting. $5 a month gets you a virtual private server – that you manage and upload content to. I went this route why? Why not? It’s a lot of fun – hosting your own content can be a challenge and a reward. I get some self-satisfaction around knowing that I can set up my own server, manage content, and the IP’s around it.

My next few blog posts will revolve around setting up your own VPS, managing the content, ensuring that everything is completely set up properly / hosted. The next posts will be ideally for someone whose interested in Computers, and wants to learn a bit more about Linux and the LAMP (Linux, Apache, MySQL, PHP or Python software stack). The post will primarily focus on setting up a WordPress site and maintaining it.

Thats it from me folks!

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