If you’ve read my other posts or my seen my site at all (my page here) you’ll know that I have a interest in Search Engine Optimization (SEO, On-Page and Off-Page). Search Engine Optimization is essential for understanding how website spiders – web crawlers – Googles / Bings / Yahoo’s way of indexing your website. Your website is index based upon several factors these factors are determined by the company (Google / Bing / Yahoo) and then executed by an Algorithm. I strongly suggest reading something from Moz –  a recognized SEO / Marketing / Business Analytics company, they provide general information about SEO. In particular this SEO Guide found here is rather interesting for a beginner SEO business owner / web-site owner.

So why am I writing this blog post – I just wanted to talk about the SEO Ultimate Plugin for WordPress found here. The Plugin has allowed for me to push my own site to the next level – my next post will focus on using Google Analytics and correlating Analytics with SEO and targeted keywords.  The Plugin allows for me to specify specific meta keywords / descriptions – if you’ve read the Moz Guide or in particular read this chapter.

I specifically focus on Posts and Pages. When creating any post or page, you can specify target keywords and descriptions that the page contains. Under each post and page you’ll be able to specify SEO Settings, i.e. Search Engine Listing information (meta-description and meta-keywords, changing the title, and identify links, and so on).

Meta-Keywords and Descriptions should be on all of your web-pages, posts and pages alike. They should identify content and information that is on each page. Ideally keywords that are on the page will be naturally targeted – for instance mentioning your business name, the location of it, and so on will be naturally indexed. The second round would be to actually use the SEO Ultimate WordPress Plugin and help the web-crawlers (robots) understand that you are specifically targeting key information. Specifically identifying business keywords within your meta-keywords section of your SEO WordPress Plugin will help the robots / crawlers propagate the information accordingly across the web. The same should be done for the meta-description.Make sure you read the targeting keywords chapter in Moz – specifically this one.