Viktor Jagar

Hello, I'm Viktor Jagar. A Software Engineer, Entrepreneur, and knowledge seeker.


As you’ve already probably already read, my name is Viktor Jagar and I am a software developer amongst many other things. I create software, build products, travel, cook, and blog about random things. My intent is to use this website as means to communicate my skills, randomly blog about items that I find have meaning, and to cultivate a community. Feel free to jump over to my contact page and send me a quick message.

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Software Development

Software Engineering Management

Software Project Management

Software Analysis

80/100WordPress CMS
75/100Ruby on Rails
70/100General PHP Knowledge
70/100.NET MVC 3/4
80/100Search Engine Optimization
75/100Online Marketing & Advertising
80/100LAMP / Windows Stack
88/100Agile and Scrum Methodologies